Life After Breast Cancer – How to Adjust

Find inspiration in real-life stories from women who have found a new way of living life after breast cancer.

It is true to say that a breast cancer diagnosis can often be seen as “the worst of times,” but how you choose to live your life after breast cancer can be completely different to the way someone else does – and can lead to the best, most positive time of your life.


We are all wonderfully and delightfully unique, and so too are our experiences. Although in some respects it may seem that we adapt in different ways and at different speeds, there is still a lot of common ground to be found – areas in which we can come together to find comfort in our shared experiences, and in the words and advice from others who have been there too.


Articles Worth Reading

We’ve compiled a series of articles packed full of really great information that we think you’ll find useful whichever path you’re on right now. Some have been written by breast cancer survivors and some simply include quotes or advice from women who wanted to share something that they’d found incredibly useful, in the hope that it may in turn help you to live your life after breast cancer to the fullest.


From healthy eating tips and dietary advice, to intimate relationships and sex, you’ll find a wide and varied assortment of articles jam-packed with really useful, practical and heartfelt advice and information from real-world experiences about life after breast cancer.


It is our hope and our intention that you find just what you’re looking for right here – that little something that makes all the difference to you right now. Of course, if you would like to share your story or a tip with others, we would love to hear from you too – we call this sharing community “Supporting Confidence”.


Specific Areas of Life

Here are just a few things you might find useful or that inspire you to embrace your life after breast cancer…


Healthy Eating after Breast Cancer

If you are what you eat, then a healthy diet should be a key part of your wellness plan. In most respects, the advice for survivors coming to terms with life after breast cancer is similar to that for all women who are interested in optimal nutrition. However, studies to date have failed to find a strong relationship between dietary fat and the development of breast cancer, but in women who already have had the disease, a few studies have suggested that a low-fat diet may be linked to lower incidents of recurrence and better survival rates. We discover what women are doing to help themselves live a healthier life after breast cancer through diet and nutrition – or is the best advice simply: “a little of what you love does you good”?


Exercise and Breast Cancer

Perhaps you want to get your fitness levels back up to raise money for charity or simply take care of your body and don’t know where to start (or how much you should do). We’ll help you ease back in to life after breast cancer with advice from women like you, who have been there, with a few little tips from Amoena that you may not have heard of too.


Returning to Work after Breast Cancer Treatment

Discover coping mechanisms and really useful advice about how to get you back to a normal working life after breast cancer, with tips from women who have been there and made it work for them.


Relationships and Intimacy after Breast Cancer

Read real-life stories and experiences from others that may just help the most intimate part of your life after breast cancer. Find out how your relationships with family and friends can be affected and how to have those seemingly difficult conversations.